Stefano is a seal and one of the main characters in the third film of Madagascar. He serves as a comic relief character in Europe's Most Wanted. He is probably an equivilence to a clown.

Personality Edit

Stefano is a hilarious comic character — he's always bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm and is up for anything. Stefano is a happy, fun-loving Italian sea lion who always looks on the brighter side of things. A true entertainer at heart, he's up for any challenge to save the circus, even convincing Alex that the show must go on.

Relationships Edit

Gia Edit

Good friends and allies. Gia appears to be like an older sister figure because she defends him from Alex, Marty, Glorai and Melman.

Laurie Edit

Laurie appears to like Stefano and liked his name. He becomes grateful after she saves their lives and considers her family when she entered the tent.


He formed a fast bond with Marty, after saving his life after his first canon trick. This causes themt o become partners and realizes he can't perform without Marty.