AlexFlorrie Zuba
The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the big cats and hail from Africa. Well known lions are Alex, Zuba, Florrie, Makunga and the Zuba's pride

Known lions Edit

  • Florrie: Alex's mother and Zuba's wife/mate and paternal grandmother of Florrie II, who is named after her.
  • Zuba: Alex's biological father
  • Makunga: Former Alpha lion. He wishes to overthrow Zuba many times. However, Makunga is captured by Nana and brought to New York in a cat cage by her.
  • Alex: Formerly known as Alakay, son of Zuba and Florrie and father of Florrie II He is the main protagonist of the Madagascar Franchise
  • Florrie II: Gia and Alex's daughter. She is a half-Jaguar, half-lion hybrid and is named after her paternal grandmother.