List of Laurie's relationships through out the Madagascar franchise


Logan McCartneyEdit

Logan is Laurie's fraternal twin brother and biological sibling. They were also best friends while growing up and understood each other when they talked to the animals. However, Laurie was more or less kidnapped by the North Wind and was taken on a ship with her animal friends. Many people believed Laurie to be dead with the others. However, Logan never gave up and joined a tour to find her in Africa and Madagascar. Laurie was disgusted that Logan had joined the "bad side". However, after realizing that being on their side, he chose the animals' side to save Laurie. The two of htem remain companions and Laurie meets Oliver Prescott, who tries to take her out on a date. However, Laurie's brother feels Oliver is wrong for Laurie. He approves of them dating at the end of the third movie.


Alex Edit

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He is Laurie's brother sometimes father figure.

As a young child, Laurie was scared of ALex because he was a lion and that he talked to her in a strange voice. However, since her aunt understood animals as well, and her aunt's husband owning the zoo, Alex invited her into his pen and that was when Laurie allowed him to be her friend. She was terrified of him when he tried to attack her as he went wild. Laurie also believes lions to eat everything in sight during this, but believed her friend was still in there.

Zuba Edit

At first she disliked Alex's father, but realizes he is as forgiving as they are. He judged her, but still let Laurie in the group of animals after Alex recalls Laurie being harmless. Eventually they forgive each other at the end when Laurie takes a tranquilizer bullet for him.

Marty Edit

Marty is her brother figure

Gloria Edit

Gloria is her mother figure

Melmen Edit


Laurie and Melmen from a promotional shot

Melmen is her father figure Laurie and him have known each other since the day Laurie was brought to live with her aunt, Megan. Since her parents died in a car crash recently, and that Melman and Gloria were married later on, they adopt Laurie as well as their giraffe and hippo sons and daughter.

Kowalski Edit

Kowalski usually upsets Laurie.

Skipper Edit

Skipper is more protective of Laurie than the others, mostly because she is only a human child and because she is female. She is also one of the few humans who only literally understand them. When it is revealed she was kidnapped with them and shrank, Skipper along with others had assumed that she just was left in New York and risks his life to save the girl. She considers him a friend and a family member