King Julien XIII is a main character in the series and is the (former) self-proclaimed king of the lemurs and thinks he's king wherever he goes. His love interest is a bear named Sonya and the main protagonist of his show All Hail King Julien.

Role ins eriesEdit

Julien first appears in the first film when dancing with his fellow lemur subjects. However, their party is interrupted by the Fossa. There, Alex scares them away, which Julien is grateful for their services. While asking for the people, Julien points out to the people dead in the plane crash of the tree. He is not disturbed by the fact that Laurie is there, seeing that the animals will "keep ehr on her leash". Later, after they leave, Julien converses with his other lemur friends to welcoming the "New York Giants" to Madagascar, showing them their home. However, Alex goes feral and Julien flees with the others. However, it is revealed that he and Maurice were watching the fight from above a tree. In gratitude for Alex and his friends scaring off the Fossa, he gives the lion his old crown before saying farewell.


Sonya Edit

Julien falls in love with a bear named Sonya and drops his title as king to be with her.


In the series, Skipper and the lemur king don't usually get along. Skipper says he is annoying. But even though he doesn't show it, Skipper does care about Julien and considered him his friend. Blowhole thought that Julien was his best friend. Even the penguin's younger brothers can see it, as Private says they never "leave [Skipper's] fuzzy little buddy behind"

Laurie McCartneyEdit

Laurie first meets Julien on Madagascar. The human girl thinks Julien is a bit pompous but a person whose heart is in the right place