Kendra Lucy Fishy is Private's twin sister and the Deuteragonist in the Penguins of Madagascar. She has a British accent and finds her uncle Nigel utterly boring. Kendra is a lucky case, seeing that usually when penguins have two to three over one, only one survives. Because of her a little bit skinnier and shorter appearance than the others, that is the reason why her older brothers and twin are protective over her.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sure I was shorter than all the other penguins and I was the skinniest out of all five of us, I still had a bit of feelings. —Kendra's description of herself Kendra is a young penguin around nine years old at the start of the series. She is the only female and stands shorter than the other penguins, even Private.


  • In addition to Laurie, Kendra is added into the series.
  • The reason Skipper dislikes it when Kendra or Private are in trouble, most likely because they almost were endangered when they were still unhatched chicks.
  • Originally named Alexis
  • Her brothers thought she was a boy until Kowalski notes that she is a girl and the boys rename her Kendra.
  • Loves her uncle Nigel, but ultimately finds him boring.
  • The protagonist of the first three segments was Laurie, while Kendra is the deuteragonist in the fourth part Laurie's story
  • Despite being the narrator, Kendra is not the real protagonist of the fourth segment.
  • Kendra means "knowledge" in English, which could allude to Kendra's knowledge of the French and Spanish languages and knowledge of reading.
  • First believed to be abandoned egg with different parents, when she is obviously twins. Naturally