Florrie II is the daughter of Alex and Gia. She is also the granddaughter of Zuba and her namesake. She is named after her paternal grandmother and is the main protagonist (after Laurie's daughter) of Descendants.

Description Edit

Florrie has her mother's figure, but her father's and paternal grandmother's blue eyes. Florrie also has some of her mother's spots, but are more faded then hers. She is also her grandmother's shade as well.

While growing up, her father Alex always taught her to show her best moves while on stage. However, this contradicts to what her aunt Laurie tells her, to be herself.

Relationships Edit

Gia Edit

Florrie's mother.

Alex Edit

While she does love her father, Florrie can't stand him sometimes. She tells half her friends that he can't "stop five minutes talking about himself". As a child, she was power-hungry and blamed him for making her be the person she was today. However, despite all the fact she cannot stand her father, Florrie proud to call him her father. Alex named her after his mother, Florrie's paternal grandmother.