Circus Zaragoza was a circus owned by humans and later animals and Laurie McCartney. 

Acts Edit

  • Vitaly - Opening Act: "flying" through flaming hoops of diminishing sizes
  • King Julien and Sonya - riding around on Sonya's motorcycle
  • The Dancing Dogs - flying around the ring on rocket powered skates
  • Alex and Gia - doing the Trapeze Americano (American trapeze)
  • Mason and Phil - playing the organ, still dressed as the King of Versailles
  • Marty and Stefano - "animal" cannon balls
  • Melman and Gloria - dancing on the tightrope
  • Manu and Maya (Elephants) - swinging on silk ropes while spraying either fire or colored water (likely the latter) through their trunks
  • The Andalusian Triplets - bouncing on trampolines with their butterfly wings attached
  • Maurice and Mort - ribbon dancing
  • Laurie and Logan McCartney - Announcers and Laurie is the singer there.